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Band Database

I am gathering together band names and links to their websites and social media. I will be including both active and inactive metal bands from around the state.


Here you will also find a public forum. A place outside Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter to stay in touch, reconnect, and share flyers and info for upcoming shows.


I am working to put together contacts and information on metal promoters, distros, clubs, venues, and supporters from around the state. Are you one of them? Send me your info.

Extended Metal Family




Extreme Texas Metal first came into existence in 2001 as Texas Metal Underground, a GeoCities website geared towards boosting the dying Austin metal scene. The name was later changed to Extreme Texas Metal to cater to an older metal nostalgia site that claimed rights to the former name. There was no negative effect as the site continued to slowly become more popular. It may have been in part due to the site's focus widening to encompass all extreme metal and their scenes in the entire state of Texas. 

In late 2003 the limited dependability of GeoCities was finally left behind when was founded. A new forum was constructed and linked to the site even though the old Texas Metal Yahoo Group still receives posts to this day. The site's main purpose however remains unchanged: To provide info on upcoming shows around Texas, links to bands, promoter /distributor info, and links to other metal sites here in Texas and beyond. This site is dedicated to ALL black, doom, grindcore, and death metal bands AND their fans from all corners of this great state of Texas.

ETM has also worked with the following organizations: Adversary Productions, Chaotic Goat Records, Dark Requiems Productions, Devourment Productions, La Metal Freaktress Productions, Sick as Shit Productions, Pure Metal Sickness, Realms of Metal, Rigor Mortis Records, Extreme Drumming, Vile Kyle (Kaos Radio), The EDGE Magazine, Goregrowler Productions, South Texas Metal Productions

We have also worked with the following venues: The Backroom (Austin), Cardi's (Houston), Room 710 (Austin), Red 7 (Austin), Redrum Club (Austin), Smiley's Ballroom (Harlingen), Chapa's (Brownsville), and The Dixie Tavern RIP (New Orleans).