Vesperian Sorrow is a symphonic black metal band from Austin, Texas founded in 1994. They were known as Unholy Descent until they changed their name to Vesperian Sorrow in early 1999.[1] Their lyrics tend to be less extreme than most black metal bands that cover themes of Satanism and Anti-Christianity. They cover instead the cosmos, sorrow, sadness and darkness. Their name, Vesperian Sorrow, directly references this and translates to "sadness or sorrow in the evening hours."[2] 

After releasing their first demo, Unholy Descent in 1998, Vesperian Sorrow signed a deal with Displeased Records for the release of their debut album Beyond the Cursed Eclipse in 1999 and continued with their second album Psychotic Sculpture in 2001.[1] Before their third release, the band toured North America[3] expansively, and then went on short tours in England,[4] Germany[3] and the Czech Republic to promote the album. Their third album, Regenesis Creation, was released in 2006 by their own label, Underscape Records.[1] Throughout 2007 and 2008, Vesperian Sorrow toured extensively across the U.S. and Canada, and played a couple of select festivals in Mexico. Most recently, in June 2009, they were handpicked for direct support for the band Mayhem, a pioneer in black metal, in Monterrey, Mexico. The band released Stormwinds of Ages on The Path Less Traveled Records on April 24, 2012. In 2019 the band signed with swedish extreme metal label Black Lion Records and released a re-recorded version of Regenesis Creation. The band plans on releasing a brand new album in 2020. // Wikipedia //


Vesperian Sorrow is a band I had the privilege of booking several times back in the day. Always a professional band, always put on great shows. They worked extremely hard to promote themselves, and made some excellent music. I was very excited to see they were back at it again in 2019.