Madmans Esprit is the solo project of Korean independend artist Kyuho, who is accompanied by a lineup of session musicians in his intense live performances. The bands sound has been described as a combination of Depressive Suicidal Black Metal, Progressive Metal, Post-Rock, Ambient, and Death Metal with strong references to Classical and Folk music. Blending pitch black themes reminiscent of DSBM bands like Shining (Sweden) with the avant-garde influence and aesthetic of Japanese Visual Kei bands like DIR EN GREY, they label themselves "Depressive Suicidal Blackened Pop". As dynamic as the musical influences in Kyuhos composition is the spectrum of his voice. Piercing screams and deep growls are balanced by operatic passages, often showcasing impressive high notes. Some parts are sung in Korean, some English, some German. Kyuhos lyrics paint a pessimistic picture of human existence that often appears personal and intimate at first, yet, unfolds to a broader philosophical study or political statement at second glance. 

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