This is a list of bands compiled from what I could recover:Absu Abyss Abythos Acerbus Aesthetic Vibes And They Will Meet God Anguish in Exile Atheosophy Averse Sefira Axe of Vengeance Bahimiron Black Oxygen Bowel's Out Braced for Nails Burning Midget By Any Means Necessary Chthonian Appanage Coma Condemned Crimson Massacre Crushing Burden Dagon Daimonion Dark End Down Dead Haven Death of Millions Decayed in Faith Deep Under Dirt Dementia Demonio Demonseed Demure Deprived Dereistic Detrimental Deviant Devourment Disfigured Dominions of Our Endeavor Dying Embrace The Kill Machine Eternal Darkness Evil God Exulcerate Funeral Rites Ghastrah Proxiima Gates of Enoch Gnostic Gored Hammer Whore Hideously Defleshed Iconoclast Images of Violence Immortal Remains In Asunder Infliction Insidious Decrepency Kill the Client Lacination Losa Lurker Dan Macella Mad Castle Mala Suerte Maleficent Martus Martyred Masochism Meyvn Morguetology Mortal Suffering Mortality Mortifix Necrogazm Neocropacy Necrosanity Never Dead Nosferion Nothing Remains Of Forsaken Divinity Of The Fallen Obliquity One Last Torture Oscuridad Panteon Plague of Ages Power of Omens Prophecy Pyre Reign of Terror Rottenseed Sakrefix Satan Sluts Sewn Shut Scarline Scattered Remains Severence Shadowed Beneath Shoalin Death Squad Show Me on the Doll Slow Grind Spinters of Death The Killing Machine The Malfated Thornspawn To Scale the Throne Trepination Triton Unspoken Blasphemy Vesperian Sorrow Valdris Valsgarde Violate Vex Vitality War Within Well of Souls When Life Has Ceased Xapharon Yoda's Eye Zike


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